Whether for short-term placement or long-term care, our residents look forward to a variety of activities.  The program is intended to meet the specific needs of each individual and his or her recreational preferences.  Residents are encouraged to participate in as many activities as suits their interests from group activities to exercise class to enjoying the latest movie on a large screen.  We offer educational sessions, a number of friends and family events, themed dinners, gaming tournaments and myriad of other things to do.

Some residents may prefer the quiet of their own space, and there are many things available for them as well.  Staff members provide one-on-one visits, special in-room music based on a resident’s preference, a vast library of books to read as well as audio books available to borrow.  A vast CD and DVD library is available for group or individual viewing.

The program designed for each resident is limited only by his or her imagination. We look forward to designing a program to suit your needs and interests.




You can refer to our monthly activities calendars

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