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Another happy customer:

My mom needed skilled nursing and therapy following her surgery. I can’t say enough about this best kept secret. She was there for 4 weeks, which was shorter than we thought. They treated her like family. She gained 10 lbs because the food was so good. Her bed sores from her hospital stay were horrible, but the excellent nurse Eric made sure she was comfortable during all treatments and kept me up to date on her progression. He even had the bed sores healed by the time she came home. I can’t say enough couldn’t about the therapy department. Hard work pays off. I’ll be bringing her back after her next surgery.

Madison Carpenter

Mindy Tolchinsky

I was very apprehensive about sending my husband here due to the horrible review I saw. My nurse friend told me not to believe everything I read,, so he went to the home with my apprehension. Rough first night. He got there at 4 pm, by morning he was relaxed and back to normal.
Prior to this stay my husband had been in 4 other nursing homes since COVID. Every time there was problem after problem.
The first day at Trinity he was welcomed and greeted by all the nursing staff, department heads, and All the staff employees.
When I came to visit I too felt welcomed .
They are well organized and they really try to help all the patients personal needs. I was very impressed.
Nursing homes have it tough. The staff gets disrespected, hollered at, and even hit by unruly patients. Let me tell you now Our loved ones can be very confused, disoriented and at times mean.
Transitioning to a nursing home to get rehab is something that I wouldn’t want to go through. Although if I had to, I would go to Trinity.
For those that understand the difficulty of getting good help and having the essentials you need to do a job. The staff come into work day in and day out with a smile. They deal with shortages by staff, and lack of tools they need to do the job and yes being disrespected by the patients. The job is very difficult and I would hate to think that they were under paid and overworked .
Mistakes will always happen, and they do. It’s the way the mistake is addressed. The staff is very professional and caring. Let’s all thank them for being there to help. Recognition is everything. Trinity deserves this review.
Thank you Trinity for showing such great care.
Mindy Tolchinsky

Easter Bunny hopped by for a quick visit!!!!

Google Review:

David Santagata

Mom had a better experience here than at other facilities, and she’s a rather extreme case of physical disability. Her insurance ran out and the pricing was not high for the industry, I don’t think anybody is ever happy to pay for medicine when other nations get care without a fee because they pay their taxes,
but mom’s experience of Trinity was better than other facilities and better than either the state or google rating seems to reflect. She’s only come home from one other facility with a fully good impression of the place.

Thanks David.

Staff education is important, thank you for the state for coming out and doing a great job with infection prevention.

Here’s a Little Hot Chocolate Treat for Staff That are Extra Sweet. Staff appreciation for January

Letty and Cheryl Picard- Trinity Administrator

Wendy L. Social Service Director


ADARI BOARD Trinty Activity Staff

Lisa Howard, Diana Ferreira and Linda Wheeler- Omiunu Thank You


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Happy 50 years Anniversary

Springtime Fun

Our resident, Tom, sent the Mayor of Woonsocket a card asking to meet her. He always wanted to have the pleasure of sitting and talking with her. Lisa Baldelli-Hunt answered Tom K. and sent back a note stating she would visit him here at Trinity . She gave him a cap saying “We get it done”.
Residents Council 2021

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Trinity Health & Rehab’s donation was recognized in January 2018 by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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