Letter from Admin

“We will promote and respect each resident’s right to choice and personal fulfillment while assuring honesty, integrity and professionalism.”

This mission statement is the fundamental basis of our continued hard work ensuring that the residents we served here at Trinity Health and Rehabilitation receive the best care possible. We model each and every trait. Continuity of care continues to be our goal starting with our sub-acute unit to our log-term care units. Respect is our “MOTTO” and commitment to excellence remains our utmost priority.

A home is what you make it! While providing a home-like environment to all current and new residents residing in our facility, our team brings about a holistic feel to each and every resident ensuring that his/her individual rights are respected and that each resident is made feel valued. Trinity Health & Rehabilitation consists of team that is dedicated to our residents and to one another. The staff here at Trinity Health & Rehabilitation brings about commitment and longevity, a joyful environment and consistency in care. In one word, it can be summarized as “We are a tight knit family”. That simple virtue was tested during COVID-19, the most difficult and unprecedented time ever experienced in long term care. The resilience and steadfast attitude of the team here at Trinity Health & Rehabilitation to battle through this unimaginable period reassured all of us how resolved we are as a team.

As the Administrator, I feel privileged to have a team that is family oriented and treats the residents in the same manner they would their loved-ones. They respect one another and uphold the residents rights.  While imperfect, we, as a team, strive every day to perfect our imperfections by delivering the most consistent care to our residents and that alone is what sets us apart from our competitors.

We encourage everyone to express any concerns that they may have and we welcome all feedback. With your feedback, we are able to reassess what we are doing so to improve our quality of service and to maximize our approach to customer service. The goal being, your satisfaction is our reward.

I look forward to hearing from you and to servicing you.


Cheryl Picard, LNHA

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