May 7th, 2021

Dear Residents, family Members and Staff:

Welcome to the Month of May 2021 J J J

With this new month come new changes. Last week the Department of Health announced new changes with the COVID-19 testing and vaccination requirements. Effective next week all residents who received their full COVID-19 vaccine will not require routine COVID-19 testing and will only be tested if exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms. Unvaccinated staff will be required to test for COVID-19 bi-weekly (every 14 days) and vaccinated staff once monthly. Being vaccinated is mutually beneficial to staff and residents as well as our family and friends.

Next week is Nurses Week and the facility will celebrate our dedicated nurses who have worked relentlessly to ensure that our residents receive the best care possible. We want you “the nurses” to feel and know how much you are appreciated and valued. We THANK YOU for all that you do.

Again, the facility remains free of any COVID-19 positive staff and residents. Bi-weekly testing of unvaccinated staff will begin next week per state guidelines. As previously communicated, there will NOT be any scheduled visitations on Saturday May 8th, 2021. Instead, scheduled visitations will take place on Sunday May 9th, 2021 in observance of Mother’s Day, from 9:30am through 2pm. Following Mother’s day, the previous visitation hours will resume from Monday through Saturday.    We will accommodate the same visiting schedule for Father’s day in June as we did for Mother’s day.

Indoor visitation continues and the facility asks that you please adhere to all infection control procedures upon entering the facility and during your visit with your loved-ones. Your cooperation is always appreciated! The activity department will continue to assist you with Face-time visits if required. All visitations require you to make an appointment with the receptionist prior to visiting your loved-one.

For all residents; please note that all food orders should not be placed past 8pm!

Indoor Visitation hours are as follow for this week ONLY:

Monday, Tuesday & Friday:          9am –  11am  and   1pm – 4pm

Wednesday & Thursday:               9am – 11am and     1pm – 7pm

Sunday, May 9th, 20121:                 9:30am – 2pm       

Please do not hesitate to stop by my office to say hi or call me with any concerns that you may have.

Thank you,

Rudy Joseph

Rudy Joseph, MPA. MSPC. LNHA. Administrator

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